Narendra Modi Anmol Bachan

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Narendra Modi Anmol Bachan
1) I can promise you. If you work 12 hours, I will work for 13. If you work 14 hours, I will work for 15 hours. Why? Because I am not a pradhan mantri, but a pradhan sevak.

2) I come from a poor family and I want the poor to get dignity. We want to start a movement for a clean India. If we have to build a nation, let us start from the villages.

3) India used to be known as the land of snake charmers. Today, our IT professionals have left the world spellbound.

4) There is no full stop in politics.

5) In democracy, people’s verdict is always final and we all have to accept it with humility

6) I did not get an opportunity to die for the country, but I have got an opportunity to live for the country