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Zoom Teeth Whitening ? A Professional Teeth Whitening System Health Articles | May 1 Wholesale Justin Tucker Jersey , 2009

A renown Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist describes the Zoom teeth whitening system option for professional teeth whitening.

Whether you feel you really need a dazzling smile or not, wouldn?t it be nice to have a smile people notice? It might be more important than you think.

Studies show that a bright and healthy smile does more than work wonders for your self-confidence. It can actually help you get ahead and find more satisfaction and success in life. People notice smiles and if teeth are dull, stained or discolored, it could make you look less groomed and even, believe it or not Wholesale Terrell Suggs Jersey , less qualified.

One of the fastest, safest ways to improve your smile without making much of a time commitment to dental work is having your smile professionally whitened. Zoom whitening system is a professional system used to lighten teeth and refresh your look in about an hour.

So what exactly is Zoom! and how does it work? Here are answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions.

How is Zoom! so different from over-the-counter whitening methods?
While the whitening kits you find at the drugstore do help whiten teeth a few shades, the process takes several weeks and often the trays offered in the kits are uncomfortable and hard to position. Zoom! in-office whitening uses powerful and effective ultraviolet energy along with a specially formulated and fast-acting whitening gel. The ultraviolet energy activates the gel, which is catalyzed by a photo-Fenton reaction of peroxide and dissolved iron. This activation process removes stains so effectively, it can whiten your smile up to ten shades in under an hour.

What kinds of stains can Zoom! remove?
There are several kinds of stains that can be treated by Zoom! whitening. Extrinsic stains are stains on the outside of the enamel usually caused by dark foods and beverages or tobacco products. A thorough dental cleaning is the first step in reducing this type of stain Wholesale Marshal Yanda Jersey , then add whitening and you will get a dramatic result! Intrinsic stains are stains within the tooth and are caused by absorption of dark beverages such as red wine or coffee into the porous enamel of your teeth. It can also be caused by genetics, high metal contents in water, even childhood or in utero exposure to antibiotics. Zoom! whitening is remarkably effective, reducing and often eliminating, intrinsic stains.

How is Zoom! whitening done?
The first step is to protect your gums to help prevent sensitivity. Next Wholesale C.J. Mosley Jersey , the Zoom! whitening solution is applied to the teeth. A special light with a specific wavelength is then directed at the teeth. This Zoom! light aids in activating the hydrogen peroxide and helps it penetrate the surface of the tooth. When the peroxide is activated by this wavelength, it breaks down into water and a radical. This radical attaches itself to the stain, weakening it and allowing the oxygen to reach tooth enamel. Whether the science of it excites you or not, the real excitement is this: Stains are removed and teeth made their most dazzling white.

How long will Zoom! take?
The whole treatment takes 1 hour but may need to be done twice depending on the level of brightness you require and how discolored your teeth are. Usually you will need to set aside an hour for your treatment.

How long will my Zoom! results last?
Certain beverages such as dark soft drinks, coffee and tea Wholesale Joe Flacco Jersey , along with habits such as smoking, may lessen the results, but by following some simple post whitening care instructions, your teeth will always be lighter than they were before. To keep your teeth looking their best flossing, brushing twice daily Wholesale Lamar Jackson Jersey , and occasional touch-ups with Zoom! Weekender or Nite White gel are recommended. These are professional formula products designed specifically to keep your teeth their brightest.

Whom can I trust to offer the best whitening results?
It is always a good idea to check out a dentist?s credentials, even for something that sounds as simple as teeth whitening. Make sure the dentist has a good reputation and has experience using the Zoom whitening system.

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