Mouse and the Lioness

Riya Jain Riya Jain October 9, 2018 0 Comments 190 Views

Our next pick is yet another classic. The one story with the mouse and the lioness never gets old and yet ends up teaching kids a wonderful lesson that should stay with them and help them grow.

The lioness, as we know, is fierce, proud, and tends to look down upon smaller animals. One such lioness was once skirting the jungle when a thorn pricked her paw. Being proud, the lioness decided not to ask for help. She went around the jungle, getting weaker and bleeding.

One day, she chanced upon a humble mouse. The lioness was in a lot of pain. The mouse, though quite scared, was courageous enough to offer help. The little mouse after much pain and holds it together for long enough and managed to pull out the thorn from the lioness’s paw and freed her from pain.

Even though the lioness was so big and powerful, and the mouse was so tiny and humble, it was the mouse’s kind gesture that saved the lioness’s life.

Moral Of The Story

Be humble and never forget that size is no guarantee of power or usefulness.